Sunday, April 21, 2013

30 Days: "What'sThat You've Got?"

What's that you've got?
By Mattie Noall

What's that you've got?
I want one too.
Is it red, white, or blue?
Are there lots or few?
Did you find my lost shoe?

Is it food?
Would it fit my mood?
Was it stewed?
I don't want to be rude,
But you shouldn't exclude.

Is it a toy?
One for a boy?
Noise to annoy?
I'm sure to enjoy it.
I will not destroy it.

Is it mine? Is it yours?
Is it for the outdoors?
Can I buy it at stores?
Will it give me some sores?
Does it run on all fours?

Does it go on my head?
Was it under your bed?
Did you tell me it's red?
What's that you said?
Something about dead?

Does it stink?
Does it slink,
Like a mink?
Is it a drink?
Or maybe pink?

What IS that you've got?
I want one too.
Can't you give me a clue?
Never mind. I think I've got the flu.

Mattie & her kids with Brandon Mull


Marion said...

So, so cute. Great short sentences. What fun to speed right through the rhymes to discover the end.
And the end was worth the journey.

Scott said...


Julie Daines said...

Very good and so fun to read!