Tuesday, April 1, 2014

30 Days: Pioneer Chrismas

Ma, where will we be for Christmas this year?
In the Salt Lake Valley.
Will we get there before Christmas?
I hope so, little one.
But isn’t it Christmas right now?
No, dear, not yet.
But there is so much snow.
I know. Come along.
My feet hurt.
Let me see. I have a little flour sack. Let me wrap them.
I’m hungry too.
We all are. I have a little leather left. Chew it as we walk.
Will Pa be home for Christmas?
No, love, he can’t be with us anymore.
Where is he?
We had to leave him with the others.
Will the wolves hurt him?
We covered him good with sage brush.
Will we see him again, Ma?
Will he miss us?
I think he will be sad to not be with us. Do you know who was born on Christmas?
Yes. And His Mother and Father loved Him very much.
Did He grow big like me?
Yes, He did. And one day Jesus had to leave His family even when He didn’t want to leave.
Just like Pa.
Yes, and Pa is with Jesus in Heaven.
Pa gets to spend Christmas with Jesus?
He does.
He gets to have the best Christmas.
I think you’re right.
I still wish Pa was with us, pulling me in the handcart.
Do you want to get in the handcart now?
May I? The rocks are hurting my feet.
Let me put you in with sister.
Sister is so cold, Ma.
Wrap your arms around her and hold her close.
Will she spend Christmas with Jesus, too?
I would miss her terribly if she did, dear.
Can you hear the singing?
It must be the other Saints singing.
I can’t see no other handcarts. Didn’t angels sing when Jesus was born?
I think the angels are singing for us tonight so we are not alone.
I believe you are right, little one.


Scott said...

Way to put the "Utah" in the UCW Blog's 30 Days!

Anonymous said...

A dreary story for a dreary day. I LIKE it. I was shivering myself as I read it.

Julie Daines said...

I love this! It's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Taffy!

Taffy said...

Thank you everyone!

Marion C Steiger said...

You managed to say everything with so few words. Beautiful!
So is the picture.

T.J. Reed said...

That was awesome! I agree that you said so much with so little words. Wow.

Yamile said...

This is beautiful. Way to go, Taffy!