Monday, April 28, 2014

30 Days 30 Stories: Haiku

By Julie Daines

This year, I'm sharing some awesome Haiku. Most of these were written by my friends for a competition, and I'm posting them without permission, so oops.

Anyway, here are some great Haiku poems about books:

Swan Song (Haiku by T.J. Reed) 

Young girl, heart of gold
Devil roaming happily
Will the world end?

Keturah and Lord Death (Haiku by Michelle Ratto)

death permeates all
life and love in the village
and forces a choice

The Hunger Games (Haiku by Christine Tyler)

Thanks for the burnt bread
If you kiss me you get soup
I'd like to frost you

To Kill A Mockingbird (Haiku by Scott Rhoades)

Fearing boogieman
two finches learn tolerance
among injustice

Pride and Prejudice (Haiku by Taffy Lovell)

Rich men want a wife
It's a universal law
Mother's want the match

The Hobbit (Haiku by Scott Rhoades)

He's number thirteen
with some dwarves and a wizard
What's in his pocket?

Where the Wild Things Are (Haiku by Rachel Taylor)

They held Max up high
"And now let the wild rumpus begin"
They all roared out loud.

The Body Finder (Haiku by Taffy Lovell)

I hear the echoes
From the missing and the dead
And the one who killed

Have you got a book Haiku you'd like to share? Leave it in the comments.


Scott said...

I enjoyed contributing some of these, and seeing them again. I'd forgotten how many fun book haikus you received.

Yamile said...

These are so much fun! Love them all!!! And of course I always want to share, but my mind is blank at the moment (Storymakers hangover ;-). I'll be back with one!