Tuesday, April 22, 2014

30 Days: "The Cold" by Caitlyn Byers

The Cold: A Sonnet
By Caitlyn Byers

I hope I survive the alternating
runny and stuffed up nose, the red, sore nose,
the brain that can’t focus on anything,
thanks to the pills in the bottle that shows

a claim to be non-drowsy but it LIES!
And still my head is all stuffed up and I’m
falling asleep, dreaming of the demise
of whoever’s made my brain think “Bed time!”

So I cough and I hack and I choke as
I try to breath in but the catch in my
throat that is an uninvited guest says
“I’m here to stay” no matter what I try.

and plot what will happen when I take hold
of the idiot who gave me this cold.


Julie Daines said...

Nice. I admire anyone who can write a sonnet!

Scott said...

A sonnet about a cold? That's the product of a sick mind. I mean that on in the best possible way, of course. Cool!

Yamile said...

Love it!

Caitlyn said...

Scott, truth be told, it was actually the product of a sick mind. I had a horrible cold and was assigned to write a sonnet for a class. With some rhyming help from my siblings and mother, this was the result!