Saturday, April 19, 2014

30 Days: "The Dawn of Easter" and "Happy Easter" by Mary Ann Duke

The Dawn of Easter
by Mary Ann Duke

Early morn, Easter dawn
Sunlight breaks, streaking pinks 
over prairie, mountain and sea
My eyes flutter open. I snuggle under covers and wonder
what it was like that first Easter morn to see
the risen Christ walking, speaking,
being near.
A miracle then,
And a miracle now.
I scarce can comprehend. But I am thankful
that He gave his life for you and for me
And for all mankind.
I’ll be grateful eternally.

Happy Easter
by Mary Ann Duke

Bunnies, chicks, colored eggs and candy
Bonnets and bows, frilly dresses and suits
Who will find the most at our egg hunt?
What prize will the Prize Egg bring?
These are but ten of my favorite things.
Happy Easter.


Scott said...

Two sides of Easter. Nice! Thanks!

Julie Daines said...

I love when we get poetry on the website! Thanks for sharing.

Yamile said...

I love poetry too. Beautiful way to capture the sentiments of Easter.