Sunday, April 28, 2013

30 Days: "The Sphynx"


by Alicia VanNoy Call

     So when I went out last week to check the mail, I found a sphynx hiding under the porch. Its feathers were streaked with mud. I think it was hit by a car. It smelled like wet leaves, its eyes glowing red in the cobwebbed darkness.

     I said, “Tell me my future.”

     And it was all, “Shut up and go get me some milk.”

     So I got my dad's robot arm, the one he got after his back surgery and I reached under the porch and clamped it around the sphynx's neck and dragged it into the house. It yowled like a tomcat and peed on the hallway rug. It kept trying to get me with its claws. But once I shoved it in Daisy's crate, it stopped and just stared. Its eyes were like changing colors and I thought it was really weird, so I texted Lexie and Kara:

     Hey I found a sphynx u shud come ovr

And they were all,

     We're at a slumber prty

And I was like,

     WTF y wasnt I invited?

And they were all,

     Well its Vivis party. U kno shes still pist abt wut happened wit Ben

And I said,

     Wutever I told that hag nuthin happened

And they're like,

     Srry gurl, but u should come to the movies l8r.

     So I fed the sphynx Cap'n Crunch and Diet Coke and said if it promised to be good I would let it out. It said sure.

     But then it shredded Mom's antique chaise and pooped in the ficus and killed Daisy, so I guess it lied.

     I have it shut up in my closet now. I throw it Fruit Roll-Ups and pizza bites every once in a while. It's starting to smell. I will let it out once it tells me my future. My real future. Not this you'll-meet-a-violent-end-you-stupid-girl crap.

Alicia VanNoy Call is a professional artist, with her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Utah Valley University.  Her award winning art and written works can be found in various journals, magazines and online.  Her storybook app, The Very Hungry Zombie: ATale of Ravenous Reanimation, can be found in the iTunes store.  Find her online at


Yamile said...

Wonderful and creepy as always!!! Well done, Alicia! So nice to "see" you here :-)

Julie Daines said...

Who wouldn't be thrilled at finding a sphinx?! Fun story! Thanks for sharing.