Sunday, April 14, 2013

30 Days: Unexpected Coincidences (a scene from WIP) by VS Grenier

            I hesitated for a minute before turning the knob to my first period class. I should’ve known the day from hell was upon me the minute Mom let our next door neighbors drive me to school. It just so happens the door to history is at the front of the classroom. Talk about making an entrance. I was hoping to sneak up to the teacher’s desk without having the whole class notice a new kid just started. The heat had returned to my face from early this morning. My ears were on fire. I’m sure if I had a mirror to look into, I would see my face was a brighter shade of red than my hair.
            “Are you lost or looking for someone?”
            I paused for just a moment not noticing where the male voice was coming from. Then I saw two large sized sandals uncross from on top of a desk to reveal a man in his early twenties. At least I guessed his early twenties. He’s crystal blue eyes were so brilliant I could see them

clearly from the front of the classroom. “Mr. Gregory?” I barely stammered. I felt the heat returning to my face once again. “The office told me to give you this.” Mr. Gregory rose, strolled to the front of the classroom, and took my placement slip and schedule from my outstretched hand. I followed him to his desk, which was on the other side of the blackboard at the front of the classroom.
            Mr. Gregory waved his hand in my direction. “Continue.” I looked at him a little baffled. Continue with what I thought. Then I heard a familiar voice start on about the black plague. I looked over my shoulder. There was Brittney giving a report about the 14th century eruption of the Bubonic plague. Brittney didn’t look at me, but she jerked her head towards the desks. I noticed two empty seats next to each other. One already had a notebook on the desk and a backpack on the floor. The other was empty. No sign of anyone sitting there. I took a guess the desk with stuff had to be Brittney’s. I scanned the class while Mr. Gregory flipped through stuff at his desk. There was another desk further back away from Brittney. I thought about taking that one, but then again, it would be nice to sit next to someone I sorta knew. Plus, maybe she wasn’t so bad. She did gesture to the desks near each other. Maybe she was trying to be my friend in her Brittnish way.

            Once Mr. Gregory handed back my schedule and a history book, I moved my way through the desks to the one next to Brittney’s. After what felt like ten minutes, she joined me back at her seat. “What’s your schedule like?” She whispered over her shoulder. I kept my eyes forward and out of the corner of my eye, slid my schedule onto her desk. Within seconds, she was sliding it back on my desk.
I looked down and saw she had circled in purple ink four of my classes: history, physical education, biology, and drama. I turned to look at her. She gave what I became to know as her good-natured sarcasm stare. I tilted my head and considered maybe getting to know Brittney wasn’t going to be half as bad as I thought. 

VS Grenier is an Award-winning children's author, Mom’s Choice Honoree, featured talk radio host on Blog Talk Radio, partner of the World of Ink Network, and the founder of Stories for Children Publishing, LLCA California girl at heart and former fashion buyer, Grenier lives in Southern Utah with her supportive family and miniature schnauzer Taz. When she isn't busy talking with authors and illustrators on her radio shows, spending time with her children, playing dress-up or having a tea parties, Grenier is busy writing new adventures in the World of Ink. Learn more about her at or at


Julie Daines said...

Nice! This is a great first day in a new school scene! Thanks for sharing.

Marion C Steiger said...

Very interesting. I was hooked before the last paragraph, but now I really want to know what next--