Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30 Days: "The Camel"

The Camel
A camel in the heat
Can go without water for days.
He’s a wilderness athlete
Ignoring the hot sun’s rays.

But he worries about his teeth
Because of the grit in his lunch.
His sandwiches really have sand,
And a very unpleasant crunch.

Cathy Witbeck


Scott said...

This is fun and cute. Sandwiches have sand and an unpleasant crunch. Love it!

Marion C Steiger said...

So cute. I can picture that camel. Chewing and puckering and spitting.

Julie Daines said...

Nice! And what kid doesn't love a poem about a camel?!

Cathy said...

Thanks guys. It's always great to get feedback.