Monday, April 30, 2012

30 Days, 30 Stories: Puppetry's How-To Book

Puppetry's How-To Book
by Amy White

An Introduction and a Call to Arms:
To all adventurous souls! I come among you, asking only the bravest of souls to join me in an expedition of unparalleled risk. I ask that we journey as comrades, as fellow brave mortals in what will be heretofore known as one of the grandest of peregrinations. I fear it is a grave duty I ask you to complete. I come on bended knee, beseeching the best of you to sojourn forth, with hands held high and hearts ablaze, as we enter into an enchanted realm. A place where many have entered, and none have returned unchanged. I ask that you come with me, into this most powerful of lands, into the land of . . . Puppetry.

In our campaign, we, a band of mere humans, shall endeavor to unearth the roots of Puppet evolution, to reveal the mysteries of Puppet creation. And in the course of this most arduous of tasks, I pray that our feet shall remain firm and our faith steadfast as the mysteries of Puppet invention are discovered. We but need to believe in our limitless capabilities to gain access to the needed inspiration to overcome all trial and tribulation. We will not be stopped. No mistake or challenge will go unmet. And in due course, once the enigma has been unmasked, when we have come to that day when our challenges have become achievement, wherein the illuminating light of self discovery has opened its doors to our inevitable success, we shall stand triumphant. Our understanding of even the deepest of Puppetry secrets shall be made known.

Now, some may say that Puppets will one day rule our world. That by uncovering the mysteries of the Puppet, we are but paving the path to the end of our world as we now know it. But I say to you, such radicalization is heresy. It is understanding that will unite Puppet and Human. The future but requires that we practice the art of communication and that we trust in transparency, that we might get along as two oxen pulling in harmony, taking upon themselves their assigned burden, that we may carry out and achieve our shared destiny.
Come with me then,you brave individuals, on a journey that will change lives.
At hand! At hand! We begin anon.

The views held in this work are not necessarily the views held by our editor, production staff or anyone involved in the publication thereof. We are not responsible for any damages as a result of misuse of patterns, misunderstanding of ideology and, or malfunctioning equipment. If your Puppet creation does for some reason succeed in what is heretofore called the Pinocchio Paradigm, and succeeds in overtaking not only your workshop, your home, your family and your friends, to the point of supplanting and altering your very persona, we will consider you forewarned and sufficiently alerted by way of this notice.


Julie Daines said...

Way to go Amy! I thought zombies were going to one day rule the world. But it could be puppets. Sesame Street gone bad. Good luck with this book, it sounds like a huge project and I hope it goes really well for you!

Yamile said...

Puppets running the world? Scary! :-)