Tuesday, April 10, 2012

30 Days, 30 Stories: At Least For Today

At Least For Today
by Kari Royle 

I peak between the boards.

“Their coming, their coming” I scream and duck into the corner. They are pounding

at the door they want to get in. There is not other way out. “Bang, Bang, Bang” They

are trying to break down the door.

“Kari, Kari” My mom calls from behind the blankets. “It’s time to go to bed” I leave

my fort thinking…

“They couldn’t get in tonight, but they won’t stop till we are all dead.” I rush to

my bed hoping to continue the adventure of a lifetime tomorrow when I hear the

dreaded words.

“Come back here and clean up this mess before you go to bed.” My heart sank.

“Please can I keep it up for just one more day?” but she had made up her mind

yesterday when I had asked the same question.

“Now, and no buts about it.” The Alamo fell, crumpled on our living room floor by

those evil tyrants, Mom and Dad.

“Where are you going with that?” my mother asks as I drag her rocking chair across

the floor.

“I only need one more and…”

“One more what?”

“You’ll see.” Whala, my fort is complete, the greatest of all that had come before. I

spread my arms wide to my mother.

“I present to you, the Pyramids of Giza.”

“Then who are you?” my mother asks?

“I am Alexandria the Great”

“That’s a boy” my mother corrects.

“Then I am Cleopatra, yea, Cleopatra.” I ran and grabbed my pillows and blankets

and ran inside a two thousand year old pyramid.

“Meowww” goes my cat as I pull her inside.

I can smell the alabaster walls, I see the palace guards. I am the Queen of

Egypt. At least for today.


Celesta said...

Aaaah, the welcome escape of a well-made fort!

Lena said...

Congrats Kari! This is wonderful, can't wait until I can read your next one!

Megan Royle said...

Excellent job Kari! You're an amazingly talented writer. So proud of you.

Julie Daines said...

There's nothing like the imagination of a child. (And Spongebob, for those who know what I'm talking about.)

Anonymous said...

Very Kool, Kari!