Sunday, April 15, 2012

30 Days, 30 Stories: Baby's Bear

Baby's Bear
By Mattie Noall

I am a little stuffed bear who belongs to the baby.

But sometimes, the other siblings like to take me for a spin.

Big Brother uses me like a football. He throws me onto the couch then into the wall. Then he throws

me down the stairs. Crash! Bang! Bonk! He takes sister's jumprope and ties it around me. He drags

me all over the house. Bump! Bump! Bump! Then he takes me outside and straps me to the front of

his bike. Dirt and bugs hit me as he rides around the neighborhood. Splat! He then throws me in the

entryway of the house and goes back outside to play. Here I lay in the entry waiting for baby to come

along. But instead, here comes sister.

She picks me up and takes me to her room. She has a little tea party all set up. She dresses me up

in doll clothes. “Oh you look so pretty.” Then she puts a hat on me. Plop! She walks me around a

bit, then changes my clothes again. Zip! Unzip! Zip! Unzip! Then she finally gets tired of playing

with me. She leaves me in the hall. I wait for baby again. But brother reaches me first. Baby has

3 siblings. A Big brother, a sister, and a brother. Brother is always the hardest on me. He takes me

outside. I know where we are going. To the sandbox. He plays with me in the sand. First he digs a

hole with his tractor. I am sitting in the dumptruck. He fills the dumptruck with the sand. Then he tips

the dumper into the hole. Dump! Sand and all into the hole. Then he fills the dumptruck more and

dumps more sand in the hole. Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Then he drives more trucks and cars over me like I am

a hill. Brrrrrrrrrrr! He goes into the house and leaves me buried in the sand.

Mom is coming from her garden. She sees me and picks me up. Shake! Shake! Shake! She takes me

into the house. She doesn't take me to Baby. She takes me down to the basement. She puts me in

the washing mashine. Chlug! Chlug! Chlug! Then she puts me in the dryer. Rrrrrrmmmm! Clunk!

Rrrrrrmmmm! When I'm all dry and fluffy again, then Mom takes me to Baby.

Baby hugs me and loves me and kisses me. Mmmmmmm! I love being Baby's bear. She is nice to me

and gives me all the hugs I need. Aaahhh!

by Mattie Noall
mother of 6, home schooler, and aspiring writer.


Mel said...

Loved it!

Julie Daines said...

Cute story. I think I've got several stuffed animals that can relate!

karen wall said...

That is really cute!

Anonymous said...

fun story and sooooo true.

Nancy said...

Cute! You should find an illustrator and publish this!