Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 Days, 30 Stories: Guess I'll Eat This Worm

Guess I’ll Eat This Worm
by Jennifer Jones Smith
Monday is
Dance day
My tippy-toe-and-prance day.
I slipped, I tripped.
My outfit ripped.
I smashed the sack
That had my snack.
I wondered what to eat.
Roly-polies were my treat!                           (She is outside.)
Tuesday is
Bake day.
My Mom-and-I-make-cake day.
My mom was sick.
No bowl to lick.
I tried to fix
A nifty mix.
I gave it my best try
With ants in my mud pie.           (She is outside eating it.)
Wednesday is
Play day
My friend-can-come-and-stay day.
She didn’t call.
No fun at all.                                         (She is sitting under a tree with her tea set and dolls.)
A bee stung me
Beneath the tree.
I squished it with a cup,
and then I licked it up.
Thursday is
Park day
My listen-to-a-lark day.
Birds took my lunch.
Nothing to munch.
Robbed of my food.
In a bad mood.
It sure does wiggle and squirm.
I guess I’ll eat this worm.
Friday is
Book day
My read-and-have-a-look day.
Read about Mouse                             
In the treehouse.
My tummy growled,
And then I scowled.
I left my food inside.
This bug’s the best I’ve tried!            
Saturday is
Zoo day
My jump-like-kangaroo day.
Upset my tummy
with food that was yummy.
My trip was done.                                (getting in car)
Missed all the fun.
I tried not to cry.
Then ate a pesky fly!
Sunday is
Rest day
My relax-and-not-stress day.
Grandma lives far.
Rode in the car.
My tummy ached.
I hope she baked.
Imagine my surprise
With a feast before my eyes!
“Looks great, Gran,” I said with a hug.
“But do you have a lady bug?”
“No, dear,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.
“But you might enjoy eating the grasshopper pie!”
(There are real grasshoppers sticking out of the fluffy green pie.)


Joseph Ramirez said...

This one just might be my new favorite - by sheer virtue of the bugs and the eating of the bugs. :) Bravo.

Celesta said...

This is so fun. I know little girls will love to squeal at the idea of eating bugs. And boys...well, Joseph just summed it up. :-) Thanks for sharing this!

Scott said...

Have you been watching me eat?

Julie Daines said...

This is wonderful. My daughter would love it, she's not much of a princess girl!