Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Talented Writers...Myth or Fairy Tale?

Yes, I meant what I said in my title.

Unlike basketball, painting or public speaking, I believe writing is a skill (as opposed to a talent) that rarely or never just appears in a person. When we look at great writers like Shakespeare, Emerson, Dickens (either one)--their writing is an amagalmation of their life experiences, as opposed to a natural born talent (though, of course, they have been gifted in the way they express it). We see very few teenage authors--most of us take several decades to reach the point where we've gained perspective, rich life experience, and the tenacity to pursue such a difficult craft.

There are very few things in the logical world that haven't come easily to me (scrapbooking, painting or singing--very different story). So, when I sat down to draft a book 2 1/2 years ago, I thought I could fast-track the process and get published far before the average writer. I was one to two years ahead of every subject in school and the youngest person to be employed to almost every job and I've had. But, writing was a skill I hadn't practiced, learned or studied (Honors English 200 was as far as I'd gotten). Now, as I sit down to tear apart the first draft of my second novel (the first will never get published), I am humbled and wonder if I will ever have what it takes. This is the first career (I've had several) that I refuse to give up on. Wise or not, writing is in my blood.

It's obviously in yours too, if you're reading this post. You have something to share. Don't let the perception of a lack of talent prevent you from doing so.

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Julie Daines said...

You have skills! Don't sell yourself, or Elemental, short.