Thursday, August 19, 2010

Go Ahead, Talk To The Quarterback!

If I asked you what the #1 hurdle to cross in writing is, what would you say?

Most writers say FEAR (I’m raising my hand).

Most fear comes from situations that haven’t happened or won’t ever happen. Other fears come from mediocrity, deep-seated beliefs or not being potty-trained correctly (you never know).

But fear can be awesomely good!

If you are fearful of talking to an agent or editor or having your work critiqued-you have found your own personal diamond mine. This is the place to dig out your freedom from fear.

As I’ve gotten older more mature, I’ve found any fear I had was unfounded. How many of you wish you would have asked the one hot girl out or talked to the cute quarterback? Looking back you wondered what made you fearful. Was it the unknown? What other people thought of you? Your choice of hair style?

Pretend you’re a successful writer looking back at yourself now and wondering why you let fear hold you back from writing/querying/publishing.

Fear can make you stronger, especially as you try to conquer it.

Here are a few ideas to help take on and defeat writing fears:

Be flexible to change.

Find mentors (we have an amazing community here!).

Write your own creed.

Dream big.

Keep writing.

What do you fear most in writing? Have you been able to overcome it?

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