Friday, April 3, 2009

30 Days: The Way People Walk


by Daniel Clyne

From their heads to their toes
Their lilts and their throws
Heads on right
Heads on tight

You can see what it means
What goes on in their beans
It's not what they talk
It's the way people walk

A telling sign
The mean and the kind
With every step
The lame and adept

It's what they are
It shows in their stock
All is told
In the way people walk

Story copyrighted 2009 by Daniel Clyne; all rights reserved by the author


pianomom said...

This is intriguing! We're admonished to "walk the walk," and this poem tells it well. Do you mind if I share this with friends & family?

Kiirsi said...

I totally love the idea behind this poem! I'd never thought of it that way before. Great job!

Taffy said...

Your poem gave me a new perspective! THANKS

Sarah said...

Excellent! I love having poetry here. Thanks for sharing.

DC said...


Please share. I would love the exposure.

Carol Wight said...

Very clever idea, well presented. The meter isn't quite right, if that matters to you.What I mean is , the syllables in the different stanzas do not match. It may not matter, but would make a smoother flowing poem if they were.

Yamile said...

I ditto Sarah; I'm glad there's poetry, and that you could present such profound thoughts through it!