Wednesday, April 15, 2009

30 Days: April Fool's Day on the Farm

by Jolynn Rood

Bossy the cow was excited to tell the other farm animals her secret plan. “Tomorrow is April Fool’s day, and I think we should play a trick on Farmer Ron!” Bossy told the farm animals how fun it would be to trade places with each other as an April Fool’s joke.

“That sounds like fun,” said the hen, “I’ve always wanted to be a pig and play in the mud.”

“Ok,” said Bossy, tomorrow the hens will act like pigs, and the pigs like hens.”

The cat said, “ I can pretend to be the dog.”

“Great, and the dog can act like a cat.” That left the ducks to trade places with the cows. The hens hopped into the pigpen, to be ready for tomorrow. The pigs squeezed into the hen house, and the cat slept in the doghouse.

“Ok everybody, tomorrow morning we will surprise Farmer Ron!” yelled Bossy.

In the morning, the pig tried to crow to wake up the farmer. It sounded kind of like this, “Oi R-R-R-R-oink.” Farmer Ron quickly jumped out of bed! “What was that?” he asked his wife.

“Sounds like the rooster is sick,” she replied.

At breakfast the farmer had eggs and oatmeal. Except he didn’t know his wife played an April Fool’s trick on him, she switched the sugar into the salt shaker, and put the salt in the sugar bowl. Farmer Ron put sugar on his eggs, and salt on his oatmeal. He was about to ask her why his breakfast tasted strange. It was to late to ask his wife, she was driving away on the tractor! He wondered why she would be driving the tractor to the post office.

Next he went to the barnyard to do the chores. Farmer Ron couldn’t believe it! Everything was all mixed up! He saw the hens rolling around in the mud! The pigs were in the hen house, and the cat was in the doghouse! He started his chores anyway; first he milked the quacking cows. Then he heard the barking cat, which came over to get her bowl of milk. But the dog was meowing, so he gave the bowl of milk and the can cat food to the dog instead. Farmer Ron decided to give the cat, dog food but she didn’t like the hard, crunchy dog food. The pigs were given chicken feed. The hens didn’t eat the pig slop the farmer gave them. Farmer Ron opened the gate and led the quacking cows, down to the pond. Then gave the ducks hay to eat. The ducks didn’t want hay to eat. Farmer Ron was confused; he went back to the house to think about what to do.

When Farmer Ron left the barnyard, the cows came back in the barn laughing. “We sure surprised him!” said Bossy. All the animals laughed. “Yeah, that was funny, but now I’m hungry,” said the hen. “And I’m not going to eat this pig slop!”

TO BE CONTINUED>>> 500 wd. Limit

Copyright by Jolynn Rood 2009


Taffy said...

I think my kids would like this story!

Jolynn said...

I actualy wrote this story the day before April Fools Day. Yet when I was done writing it had 8 hundred and something words. So, I had to revise it, to fit the 500 word limit.
I noticed others had to do that too.

Yamile said...

It's a very funny story, and my kids would like it too!

Sarah said...

Drat that word limit! I want to know what happens at the end. Maybe after all the 30 days are over, you can post the full story. Does that interest you? Send me an email and let me know. We're all wanting to know what happens to poor farmer Ron.