Thursday, April 23, 2009

30 Days: "Look, Mom!"

Look, Mom!
By Taffy Lovell

Look, Mom!
I see a mouse, furry and gray
Does it know it is Saturday?

Look, Mom!
I see a bird, flying and red
Does it have a bed?

Look, Mom!
I see a dog, all slobbery and brown
Can a dog frown?

Look, Mom!
I see a pig, fat and pink.
What does it drink?

Look, Mom!
I see a cat, soft and white
Where does it go at night?

Look, Mom!
I see a cow, white and black
Does it want my snack?

Look, Mom!
I see a horse, tall and brown.
Can we ride it to town?

Aw, Mom!
I don't want to go.
Have we seen that one, no?!

Please, Mom!
I'm not tired. Please.
I'm not sleepy...zzzzzzzs.

Copyright 2009 by Taffy Lovell, author retains all story rights


Sarah said...

I love that you captured the life of a mom of a preschooler-- Mom, Mom, MOM!! Some days I want to change my name and NOT look and NOT answer! ;oD LOL!

Great job, Taffy. Way to be brave too posting this when you're a "newbie."

Jolynn said...

I like this rhymeing story,it would be a great picture book. Kids are so trusting and full of questions. Watch Out, when they become teens they think they know everything and parents know nothing.

Kiirsi said...

Nice job! I like the repetition. This would make a great picture book and little kids would really enjoy it, I think.

Yamile said...

My kids would love this story! I agree with Kiirsi that it would make a great picture book!