Saturday, November 30, 2013

NaNoWriMo - now what?

How was your NaNo?

If it was a good month perhaps you’ve got a book, something with a chance of getting published. It still needs fixing, but at least you’ve got something to work with. If NaNo was rough, you may be feeling more dispirited. How, in jut 30 days, could an idea that held such promise fall apart?

What do you do with it now?

Take it to WIFYR, of course.

Either way, a debacle or a work in progress, WIFYR can help it along, especially in the morning workshops.

If your NaNo was great, that story needs to be workshopped. It may be good, but it’s probably not great. Writers need other writers to look it over, offer suggestions, coax the story to maturity. That is what happens in the WIFYR morning sessions. Your story grows.

If NaNo was a flop, same thing. Real, live authors lead these classes. They go through the same struggles as you, so from a writer point of view, they can look at your story and help you to see what it needs. As published writers, they know what publishing world is looking for.

The atmosphere at WIFYR is safe and comforting. Stories are discussed aloud, comments offered in non-threatening ways. Your writing colleagues understand. We know what you’re going through. WIFYR is a chance to talk about writing and come away more informed.

What are the WIFYR morning workshops? They are Monday through Friday, intense, fours hours a day in an MFA-type setting. You have caring people all around you who hope your story succeeds.

That is what the whole WIFYR is about. Growing as a writer.

What are you going to work on at WIFYR next summer?

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