Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NaNoCrunch: Frog-Marching the Muse

by Deren Hansen

Ok, the month is two-thirds gone and the words are piling up about as well as sand.

The muse who launched you into this NaNoWriMo insanity with a seductive promise of a great idea was last seen somewhere on or around November 8th, when she said something about a lunch break.

What can you do to get your muse back on the job?

Robin LaFevers, in a post on Writer Unboxed, suggests that if your muse won't dance to your desk unbidden, sometimes you have to frog march her in so you can get some work done. She offers "Eighteen Tips to Get Words on the Page:"

1. "Write in short bursts of 20-30 minutes or 500 words.

2. "Take a short 10-15 minute walk. Bring a small notebook or recording device.

6. "If your antagonist is not a POV character, consider writing a few short scenes from his POV anyway, just for your own benefit. Knowing what your antagonist is doing, thinking, planning often helps you understand what needs to happen next and what your protagonist will need to do."

7. "Repeat the above for the love interest, especially if they are not a POV character. It gives you a better feel for the push/pull of the relationship dynamics."

Read the rest here.

What do you think? Can you use any of these tips to harness your muse?

Deren Hansen is the author of the Dunlith Hill Writers Guides. This article is from Sustainable Creativity: How to Enjoy a Committed, Long-term Relationship with your Muse. Learn more at

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Bruce Luck said...

I went to LeFevers' site and she does have some great tips. Thanks.