Monday, March 28, 2011

UT Ch Wr Contest Entries #5 and #6


Mattie said...

The snow started to fall at evenings last light
It fell harder and faster and kept up all night.

The kids around town could hardly wait
This day of playing was gonna be great.

For every child loves to play in the snow
And every boy claims to be the snowball pro.

The boys all ran to the big open field.
Where they packed and stacked and started to build.

First came the snow forts, big and wide,
So each kid was protected on every side.

They worked hard to build up their ready supply
Of snowballs that could really hit and fly.

The biggest kid's name was Tough Tully
He was also the towns infamous bully.

Just as soon as the snow forts were built,
Tulley kicked at the forts with no guilt.

Each boy had a horrible story to share,
Tulley was just mean, and he didn't care.

What he didn't know was that the other boys,
Were scheming up some uproarious ploys.

But before the boys could show off their skill,
Everything was quiet, everything was still

And like the shot heard round the world
One snowball suddenly ripped and whirled.

The field erupted with flying snowballs
And every child dove behind fort walls.

It wasn't long before their supplies ran dry
The boys grabbed at the snow that was nearby.

Perfectly sculpted snowballs became
Fist fulls of snow that they didn't aim.

But as the snowballs flew fast and furious,
Something happened that is still curious.

All the balls and chunks of snow flew
And pummeled mister you-know-who.

Tulley was suddenly under attack
As many snowballs hit him with a whack!

For once in his life, he turned tail and ran,
He got home much faster than other boys can.

So as the words ring out, the words rang true,
“He had it comin' to him,” but HE never knew.


Alexandra said...

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

I kissed Dimitri softly on the lips. "Please don't go," I whispered.

"I must. But you know that. The vampire hunters will find me. They have a Blanaa."

"Oh, why? Why can't they leave you alone?" my breath was coming out in little puffs in the crispy cold winter air. The ebony night wrapped itself around me like a silk blanket.

"All matter else seems weak. They are convinced I am evil incarnate. Sweet Jamila, I promise to find you again." Dimitri held me in a tight embrace, his scent enveloping me.

He gently moved aside my jet black hair, and left a trail of kisses in it's wake. He kissed one spot, then extended his fangs into my neck. I prepared myself for the moment of brief pain, yet I still cried out. Then I felt myself in the sweetest bliss. 

It ended too soon for me, but I knew Dimitri had to leave. "Don't forget me," I murmured into his shirt. 

"Never," he promised.

A wave of sadness came over me, and I turned away. Then I heard a sound of a struggle. "Dimitri!" I yelled.

We were too late. The vampire hunters had found my eternal love, and in a split second murdered him.
One hunter came up to me and said, "He had it coming to him, as do you. Guilty by association."
My last thought before my death was, Parting is such sweet sorrow.

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