Monday, March 28, 2011

UT Ch Wr Contest Entries #1 and #2


Aileen Stewart said...

He had it coming to him;
You know he really did.
I should have bopped him in the nose
Or kicked him in the shin.

Instead I used some self control
And flashed him my best smile
Then turned and walked away
Leaving him to think a while.

He never should have said
The things he said to me
Those nasty,ugly, vulgar things
That others might believe.

But if I tried to give him
Everything that he had earned,
I'd be stooping to his level
And he still would not have learned.

So I walked away with head held high,
The winner of the game.
While he just stood there wondering
What in heaven's name


The Hero’s Choice
By Kimberly Kay

He tied the string around his thumb,
And lifted it high and proud
Then leaned to kiss the one he loved
“I’ll always be here,” he vowed.
The two best friends mounted his horse
A steed of shining white 
By their hearts they set their course
And rode towards falling night

Some said he’d had it coming
Some said they’d surely known
Praises all did gloriously sing
That fate had claimed its own
They called him greatest hero
They said this was foretold
That destiny had struck once more
To give the good his gold

But I stand here to witness
With his hand clasped in mine
That though he went through trials and tests
And his choices proved divine
If he had chosen different
And never stood for right
Destruction then would have rent
His heart in two that night

It’s choices that create us
It’s not what we are but who
And if destruction claims us
There’s no self to blame but you
You want to be a hero?
Desire to be a knight?
Then what you want you must now know
Choose to do what’s right

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