Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cool Websites for Research

Google has made "exploring" from your home easier than ever. I love Google Earth where you can see any view from almost any street in the world. I just read on an art blog that Google has been using the same concept with art museums. The Art Project powered by Google is taking pictures of some of the world's most famous museums and posting them online. Now can you imagine you are walking the halls of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art while scrolling the pages with your mouse. Plus, these websites have the benefit of allowing you to "see it with your own eyes" instead of relying on someone else's narrative.

 In an age when kids are learning about Vermeer through books (to name one book), this is a great resource for writers, teachers, parents, and anyone who wants to kill time on the internet while still being productive.

What other websites do you find invaluable for research, teaching, or fun? Post them below in the comment box!

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