Monday, June 1, 2009

Twitter and Writing

I’ve recently joined Twitter, after hearing about it for so long. It’s really amazing to me not only how many authors “tweet,” but also the amount of writing information available 24/7. (It’s also been really fun to hold little mini-conversations with writers, some of whom seemed so far away and inaccessible before!)

Fascinating samples from just the past three days:

* many updates from and about Book Expo America

* news of a Betsy-Tacy convention this summer in Minnesota

* some really great articles on writing

Today I thought I’d post a few links to some really good writing articles, tips and websites I’ve come across just this past weekend thanks to Twitter. Enjoy!

13 Tips For Actually Getting Some Writing Done by Gretchen Rubin. Simple ideas to get busy writing and keep it up daily. (You might want to also check out Gretchen’s upcoming book, The Happiness Project. It sounds very interesting!)

Writefly is a blog that offers daily writing prompts to get some creativity flowing, along with links to writing tips and articles, among other things.

A fascinating interview with author Laurie Halse Anderson

Submission guidelines from Scholastic’s Cheryl Klein

And last but funniest, and certainly not least: There are several “characters” on Twitter from several authors’ books, as a fun way of interacting with readers. But someone has decided to really make a beloved character from a classic book series come to life. (WARNING: remove liquids and breakable materials from your vicinity before reading.)

Twitter is fast becoming a prime tool for authors (and prospective authors) to develop a large and enthusiastic fan base. It’s also just really fun.

Kiirsi Hellewell lives in the Salt Lake Valley. You can find her on Twitter here.

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Yamile said...

The day Aprilynne Pike signed up as my first tweeter follower, I almost had a heart attack. I still need to learn how to play tweeter more, but it's fun so far.