Thursday, June 25, 2009

Janette Rallison's Comments on Self-Publishing

Rick has covered this topic pretty well, but I'll add a few things. 1) You will notice that many if not all of the people Rick mentioned who started out self-publishing their books, when given the chance moved onto a traditional publisher. That should tell you something about the problems involved with self-publishing. 2) Keep in mind that traditional publishers send out ARCs (advanced reading copies--which look like paperbacks) to reviewers to create some buzz about their books. For My Fair Godmother, my publisher sent out 1,200. If I recall right, James Dashner's Thirteenth Reality had 4,000 ARCs sent out. If you're self publishing it's up to you to find out who those reviewers are and send out all those review copies. Also, you'll need to keep in mind that a lot of reviewers won't review self published books.

I tell people that unless you have an outlet to sell your books (You routinely give talks to large crowds about your organizing method, and you've got a book on organizing) then it's better to stick to the traditional route.

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