Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finding Literary Agents

After completing my first manuscript, I set about finding the perfect agent to represent my brilliant work. Only the most qualified and experienced agent would do! With my many, many hours experience surfing the web, I scoured sites for the insider tips on how to snag the attention of that perfect agent. I wrote and edited many times a query letter I thought had all the necessary elements recommended by editor, author and agent blogs and sites. Now, six months later, I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of author successes are not necessarily a result of the perfect query letter, but mainly good luck, perfect timing, and a lot of persistence.

I’d like to share with you some information about finding agents I recently passed along to one of my favorite authors, Kristen Landon. She distributed it with some success during her educational session at the American Fork writer’s conference. On this cool website, you can search by an author’s name and find the agent representing him/her. So, you can search for whichever author you feel most closely resembles your genre, writing style and audience. It would be a good bet that the agent representing this author’s work would consider yours! Enter in the genres of your novel and access a database of hundreds of agents. The agent results will help you connect with agents in your specific field (i.e. young adult, romance, fantasy, nonfiction, etc.). A word of caution: some of the submission guidelines listed are outdated. It’s best to visit the agent’s website first before submitting a query. Of course, I always recommend visiting an agent’s website for the most up to date information on submissions. Agents change their preferences often and will not consider your work if you do not take the time to research their guidelines.

What are your favorite websites to find literary agents?

Posted by Tiffany Dominguez, aspiring author

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Sydney Salter said...

Those are both great sites. I also recommend checking Preditors and Editors (

Also go to and see which agents are speaking at SCBWI conferences throughout the country. We only hire agents with good reputations.

On you can see the response time of various agents.

Good luck! --Sydney (SCBWI RA, Utah/Idaho)