Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the Big To-Do

Even though I tend to accuse my husband of turning a simple home repair into a major knock-out-a-wall remodel job, I will admit on my honest days I have the same tendency. Why simply write each day when I can be working on the first of 7 book pseudo-fantastical series about vampires and donkeys? I can overwhelm myself with the possibilities before I ever even think of picking up a pen and notebook!

This same bad habit kicked into high gear a couple months ago when I thought about challenging myself to write something every single day for a month. That was good, but what if I wrote a STORY every single day for a month? That was even better, BUT what if other people wrote a story every day too? AND what if we posted it on the Yahoo group? AND what if we created a blog? AND....

We had a great "30 Days, 30 Stories" project. It was a great success, and this blog is starting to become a great resource. So now regrets there.

But remember that original idea? To challenge myself into writing?

Never. Happened. I got so distracted by all the other management operations of the "30 Days" project that I never wrote anything beyond my own assigned story.

So this week I start thinking "Hey! I should challenge myself to write every day for a month!" But before another crazy, bloated thought could escape my mind, I thought "What if I started out by writing every day for a week?" "Or write a story every day for a week?" Yeah, that will be good.

Now all I have to do is pick a start date, an end date, and do it. That's the hard part: "just doing it."

I'll keep you posted......

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Tess said...

Good for you! I'm trying to stick to a writing schedule as well....but it is hard when the beautiful summer days and park and picnics are calling my name.