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October 2012 HWG Writer's Conference in St. George, Utah

I want to encourage all of you to join us at this exciting event!

Regardless of your level of writing experience—from the published author to the uninitiated, never-before-published authors!—this conference has something significant for every participant!

Below is a short description of our speakers and their topics for your information and planning! This year, because of the diversity of topics, the number of speakers I was able to procure, and trying to fit everything in during the two days of the event, we have break-out sessions during each day’s programming. I think we have prepared the sessions in such a way that everyone will be able to attend speakers who will be most helpful and informative.

Don’t forget that our “Early Bird” registration takes place prior to August 1st, 2012. Take advantage of the significant savings as well as helping us with the organization and planning. Also, the Lexington Hotel, the site of the conference, has reserved a block of rooms for those traveling from afar at rates that are lower than their normal rates for that time of year. Be sure to call the hotel at: (435) 628-4235 to take advantage of these limited available rooms.

In addition to the great list of speakers scheduled, this conference will be a two-day event for everyone to network with fellow authors and industry leaders. Be sure to bring your personal business cards and book info!

Finally, we look forward to our first-ever FREE community lecture on writing each night. The goal of this portion of the conference is two-fold: We want to give members of our community a chance to learn about the basics of writing. Second, we wanted to have a significant audience for our “Authorpalooza” event that will highlight authors who have books published. The Authorpalooza will follow each night’s free community lecture giving authors who have books to sell not only potential customers but also the opportunity to share their experiences with these interested folks!

Thank you for taking part in this conference and we look forward to spending two days of inspiration, motivation and information with you!

List of Topics and Descriptions:

Welcome Session: VS Grenier (President of HWG) and David W. Smith will kick off the conference with a welcome session and an informal meet-and-greet session

Character Development and Dialogue (J.A. Wilkin): The Character Analysis – Developing strong, unforgettable characters that live in the memories of your readers. Beefing up Your Dialogue – Helping your characters speak believably.

Agent/Publishing: (Dave Rosenstein): Dave will share his experiences in dealing with agents, how to attract an agent, as well as what publishers are looking for…and what they’re not!

Query Letter Writing: (Kelley Lindberg); Presented in two parts, this query letter workshop includes the dos and don’ts of query letters. The second part is the actual workshop where we read examples and use what we’ve learned.

Eastern Character Development: (Debi Barmonde); an extremely useful tool in fleshing out your characters in ways that truly convey actual personification through Eastern Oriental recognition of personality, physical structure, and inclinations.

Memoirs: (Maralys Wills): A growing trend in the writing industry is the writing of Memoirs. Maralys will share her 25 years of teaching this aspect of writing!

Tune Your 5 Senses: (VS Grenier): Virginia will share her expertise in enlightening the reader by engaging their five senses through your ability to include these in your writing and in your character development.

Dinner/Keynote Speaker: (Johnny Tan): As an award-winning author and speaker, Johnny enriches his readers and audience with the knowledge to improve their intellectual growth and spiritual well being. His, From My Mama’s Kitchen® Live! conferences serve as a platform for a select team of professionals committed to helping others move into action using the power of love!

Saturday Morning Keynote Speaker: (David Pace); David heads up the Literary Arts for Utah’s Arts and Museums as well as Utah Arts Council.

Marketing Yourself: (David Smith); In addition to his creation and authorship of the top-selling Disney book, “Hidden Mickey” Dave will be sharing ways to market yourself and your work. Writing is just the start of a life-long process of creating interest in your book.

Art of Editing: (Caroll Shreeve); As important as the quality of the book, editing is an all-important part of any successful manuscript. Caroll will share here extensive experience and knowledge of how to edit your work!

Short Story: (Darlien Breeze): Darlien will be sharing such topics as: How long is a short story? The “Why” of writing short stories; Advice on getting started; word limitations, narration, coming out with a “bang”, the revision/edit process, and much more!

Passive and active Voice: (J.A. Wilkins); Take time to discover the dangers of writing in Passive voice and how you can make your writing come alive by using active voice.

MFA: (Kristina Crandall): Kristine Crandall will talk about the increasing popularity of MFA Creative Writing programs; what they have to offer for both experienced and aspiring writers of poetry, prose, and creative nonfiction; and what aspects of these programs might be appealing for those not interested in making a full graduate school commitment.

Ten Ways to Upgrade your Manuscript: (Maralys Wills); this lecture will cover a number of the small but very important issues that can raise your manuscript to a new level.

Action/Thriller/Suspense: (Dave Rosenstein): How to incorporate realistic action, a thrilling atmosphere, and a level of suspense and intrigue to your writing.

1st 13 Lines: (Caroll Shreeve): This unique activity/workshop will allow writers to submit their “1st 13 lines” from their manuscript and Caroll will use these to discuss the merits and the areas that can solidify the attention of the reader from the first moment they start reading your work!

When: October 12th—13th 2012
Where: Lexington Hotel,
St. George, Utah
850 South Bluff Street

Registration Deadline:
Sept. 1st 2012
Early Bird Registration BEFORE Aug. 1st 2012

Registration Rates:
                                            Early Bird                After Aug. 1st           @ Conf
HWG or LUW Member       $90                         $100                          $120
Non HWG/LUW Mem .      $100                       $120                           $135
Friday Dinner/person            $20                         $25                               n/a
Author Booth Fri & Sat        $20                         $30                               n/a
HWG/LUW Booth               $10                         $20                               n/a
One Day Reg. (Fri)               $50                         $65                             $75
                       (Sat)              $60                         $70                             $80

Contact: David W. Smith: Conference Chairman at: or at
for more details and to get a registration form.

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