Monday, June 18, 2012

June Contest Entries

Read all the first line entries below and then 
vote for your favorite on the front page of the blog! 
You have until Friday June 29th to vote. 

Lauren: Silvya forced herself to breathe, even though the smell in the tiny room was enough to make anyone who inhaled pass out.

BruceOkay, let’s be up front about something: I’m a dog.

RebeccaThe moment Suzie smiled at me I realized I'd forgotten to blackmail her.

TrinityI know they're coming, it's just a matter of time.


LynseyYou could say it was a typical Monday morning, like you'd expect any typical story to begin, but this Monday morning was a bit too atypical to be typical: this Monday morning, robot dinosaurs from outer space robbed the world of every last bottle of sunscreen, dooming the pasty white people to a lifetime of suffering --and then Agent Harold Gunderson woke up.

MelanieAsher laid his hand on the ragged rock framing the doorway into the mountain.

Mashua7The detective walked silently around the dark corner of yet another creepy house, and was hit in the face with a pie.

LanaThe first time Taemon's brother tried to kill him was the night Uncle Fierre came over with his unisphere.

MarionThe scariest place for me was in my mind, so I twisted my hair tight enough to squeeze out all my thoughts.

PamannerShe inhaled the scent of fresh cut grass, passed the squishy water balloon from hand to hand and felt alive like the bass that had tugged on her line just that morning--summer breezed in, her summer, and she was ready to sail.

MarenI wanted to climb instead of fall, but the sinking feeling kept pulling me down.

JaredThe curtains in the open window hung still and motionless despite the storm raging behind them.

DianaSnow falls gently from my bedroom ceiling, dusting the room in a moon-glow pearlescence reminiscient of mom's fairy cupcakes.

Grandma Jenn: I know there is a big humongous scary monster under my bed because
I can hear him snore at night.

AndyI never expected such priceless gems to emerge from something so ordinary.

LizzieIf my parents would have told me I was a Guardian, with a family obligation to protect the world, I could have planned a little better.

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