Thursday, July 7, 2011

Powder Puff Football Failure

“Success is not just the crowning moment, the spiking of the ball in the end zone or the raising of the flag on the summit. It is the whole process of reaching for a goal and, sometimes, it begins with failure.”
Erik Weihenmayer (born 1968); blind climber, motivational speaker, author

Any of you played football? I did. Once. It's tradition at my high school for the girls play Powder Puff Football during Homecoming week, seniors vs. juniors. I missed a couple of practices and on game day, strutted onto the field. Being my cocky self, I just knew I was awesome. 
And failed. Coach benched me.
I didn't know the plays and I threw the ball like a girl (no offense). Somehow, at that young age, I understood the lack of skills was my fault. If I had shown up at practice, my "coach" (H.S. football player) would know what position to play me and how to help me.
Since that day, I've learned to throw a spiral, tackle and catch passes for a touchdown.  I'm better now than my one time shot at Powder Puff.
My first few attempts at writing were epic failures. But I compare the early stories with what I'm writing now and can see the improvement, the process, the journey.
Sometimes we hike a little higher or work a little harder or shelve the project for a few days/weeks/months, even years. And yet, that very act may be the one to push us off into a new and better direction.
See that picture up there of Erik? He's the first blind person in history to climb Mount Everest! He didn't arrive on the mountain by helicopter. He trained and learned and practiced and climbed. He went through a process to get to the top. He will tell you the journey is totally worth it.
If he can accomplish ALL the adventures he's done while enjoying the journey, I can sit my backside in a comfy chair and write my book. I can find new paths to take. I can hike a little higher.

What about you? How is your journey?
Can you throw a spiral?


Scott said...

I'm willing to bet that your first few attempts were not "epic failures." Did you learn anything from them? Then you didn't fail.

Taffy said...

Okay, point taken :) THANKS Scott!