Friday, July 29, 2011

Join the movement?

It's been a long, difficult month. So instead of doling out writing advice, I want to invite everyone to join Keep It Positive on Facebook month. Can you go a whole month with nothing but positive comments on Facebook? Like the August 2011: Keep It Positive Month page, spread the word, and let's make it a happy month.


Charmaine Clancy said...

I'm always overwhelmed by how supportive and positive the writers community is online. :)

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Scott said...

Charmaine, I agree with you. As difficult and competitive as this industry is, writers themselves are very supportive of each other, and try to help each other make it. That's a very cool thing.

Julie Daines said...

Everything in my life is so stupid. Writing is so hard and depressing and takes up all my free time. I can't believe how crappy my last chapter was and the weather is so lame. Nothing is going right and summer's almost over. I haven't accomplished anything and everyone hates me.

Just getting it all out of my system since it's the last day of July.

Ok. Now I'm ready. Bring on Keep it Positive Month. :)

Paul West said...

I don't post much on FaceBook anyway, and when I do it's almost always positive, or at least neutral.