Sunday, October 24, 2010

Word of Mouth Marketing with VS Grenier

Let's talk about Word of Mouth Marketing for just a bit. How many of you know what Word of Mouth Marketing is? You all should know or have an idea because we all do it. It's when we read a great book or see a great movie and tell our friends, write a review and/or blog about it. It is also when we read something we really like on the internet and twit or link to the article or blog post. It's when we go shopping and share there's a sale going on with family, friends, and co-workers. Every day we help those counting on Word of Mouth Marketing spread the word about their company, services or products.

A Few Types of Word of Mouth Marketing:
A blog post
Posting on a social site like Facebook
Link backs
A phone call or email

Another great way to spread the word about you and your work is through banner ads. Here is a great place to create banners free. .

Exchanging links and banners is a great way to spread the word about you and your work.
There was a really great article in the Writer's Digest's December 2008 issue about Word of Mouth Marketing. If you have a copy of this issue, it is on page 67. If you don't, you might want to buy this issue or see if a friend has it. Besides this great article, you will also get great information about copyrighting pseudonyms and contractions, info on eBooks, a debate about print magazine and their survival, and many other tips. This was a great issue. Well at least I thought so anyway.

One more thing, keep in mind that we all need to use Word of Mouth Marketing and knowing places to go to get it started is important. So think about websites and blogs that might have something in common with your book, short story, article or writing platform; you might want to contact and send a blurb to or should I say it . . . Media Release.

Linking with like sites, blogs and social sites is one of the best ways to build a fan base who will do what we all need . . . Word of Mouth marketing. What do you think the New York Best-sellers list is? It’s word of mouth marketing! We trust the source and therefore we go check out the books listed. Same with movie reviews and so on. So get out there and start spreading the word about your writing and your talents. Just make sure you are linking with sources and people you trust, and share your goals.

NOTE: Some words of advice first: “As writers, we should be aware of the power of words. Words linger. Words affect change in the minds of the reader. And the written word can be an excellent way to present your professional face…or an amazing way to self-destruct your career (or at least derail it for a bit).” Jan Fields, Editor of Children’s Writers enews.

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Cheryl said...

Excellent article, Virginia. WOM is a very powerful marketing tool. I have an author friend whose first book is being released in January. She has a large following up in VT, so she's holding a reading there at the local library, which is close to some of the sites mentioned in her book.

She's going to invite her group of friends to the reading, secure in knowing that if they read her book and enjoy it, they will spread the word.

Best of luck in all you do,