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Media Releases with VS Grenier

Let us quickly go over my last blog topic . . . Pitching Your Book. Knowing how to pitch something so it catches an editor or publisher’s attention is important. As you remember, companies use the five-minute commercial and/or signs posted on the road such as Billboards, Company Logo signs, etc. to pitch their goods and services to you the consumer. This is their calling card to get you to research them or visit their stories. You will also be using your pitch when you write media/press for the same reasons. The best part . . . you have already been using this technique in your cover and query letters, and in your book synopsis.

The pitch is the “WOW” factor that catches people's attention and we are going to use this in our media release. You will notice pitch in the first paragraph. You want to place it here to get the most POP for your release.

The best way to explain a media release is by showing you one.  I had posted this media release to the Stories for Children Magazine website about our Featured Guest interview with Laure Wellington last year. Use this as an outline for when you write a Media Releases in the future. (Note: I had two copy editors proof this and make sure the format is correct before I sent it out, so this release is pretty much what you should be sending for style purposes.) One more note: a media release should be no more than a page long. Okay, here is the SFC release.

Stories for Children Magazine
Take an Adventure in the World of Ink
for children ages 3 to 12 
Web site:
M E D I A   R E L E A S E
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Stories for Children Magazine 
For Immediate Release
Meet Laura Wellington, creator of “The Wumblers”
Children everywhere are watching a new TV show called “The Wumblers,” and you cannot get any more real than their creator, Laura Wellington. She turned a devastating misfortune for her and her four children into an experience of inspiration and motivation for all. It’s an amazing story. 

Stories for Children Magazine’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, VS Grenier, interviewed Laura for the October 2008 issue. Grenier wanted to find out more about Laura and her new kids’ television show “The Wumblers.” The two found they have a lot in common, primarily bringing children educational, yet fun, entertainment.  

In the interview, Laura shares how it all came to be. While her husband was dying of cancer, she turned some beloved drawings from her teenage years into a hit television show. “The Wumblers” is broadcast worldwide on Trinity Broadcasting Network, Smile of a Child, The Australian Christian Channel, and Sky Angel's KTV Block. Laura also shares how her artistic talents gave her a way of escaping her sadness, and that led to an all-out crusade to give back and make this world a better place. What Laura didn't realize was the impact her actions would have on others.  

Many news publications, magazines, radio talk shows, morning shows, and news outlets have embraced Laura's story along with Stories for Children Magazine. “Helping Laura Wellington with her mission to make the world a better place is something SFC would be crazy to pass up, “ said VS Grenier. “We welcomed the chance to support her by alerting our readers to this wonderful accomplishment. We were glad to let everyone know that smart television for children does exist, and that moms do have a voice and they can be heard.” 
To learn more about Laura Wellington and her hit TV show “The Wumblers,” visit Stories for Children Magazine at
 Magazine cover art and more are available upon request electronically.

Now you can use this format for emailing your contact list or you can use parts of it along with your pitch as an email blurb. However, if you are going to pitch the news media, a bookstore, or a company about your work . . . you will want to use this format. You should also use this format when sending your book out for review as well.

I also want to share with you some great places to use when sending a media release out across the internet. I use these places for my books and SFC Publishing releases. You can use them for free or if you have a book coming out . . . you can choose to pay for more visibility. This is always a good thing. Another great thing about these media release sites is they use a form that you fill in. This makes putting together a media release simple. Here are the links:

To learn more about VS Grenier visit her website at or her blog The Writing Mama. To learn more about Stories for Children Publishing, LLC visit

Stories for Children Publishing is also happy to announce Stories for Children Magazine, SFC Newsletter for Writers, and SFC blog Families Matter are open for submissions.

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