Monday, November 30, 2009

On the Other Side

This morning I submitted my novel for verification in the NaNoWriMo contest, and I am thrilled to announce that I won! I seriously doubted my ability to write a novel in a month when I started 29 days ago. I wondered if I could do it and wondered if I'd get to today and feel like a failure or feel like a winner.

What a wonderful feeling to "win."

I have learned something valuable this month, something that is worth more to me than the certificate that I am eager to print and put on my wall! And that is: you can write. No matter what is going on around you, if you want to write, the only thing that can stop you is you. I remember reading someone's comment about learning how to write while cooking dinner or while children were fighting, and I thought 'I need to know how to do that.' That has been the biggest success of this month. I can write. I can write while the toddler is emptying my kitchen cupboards; I can write while I am waiting to take the kids to school; I can write whenever I have a free moment. I can write now and not wait till later--some mythical day--when all will be calm and I will have plenty of free time.

What a freeing thought. After wasting these past two years by not writing and inventing lots of excuses as to why I couldn't write, I'm thrilled to say that I can write and I will.

And I'm so excited for next year's NaNoWriMo! It's on my calendar!


Scott said...

Yay for you! That's a huge, HUGE step and you should be proud!

Now the fun starts. You get to put it away for a few weeks, maybe a month, and then start revising with fresh eyes, and maybe by the time you're ready to start the next one, you'll have some even better news to share with all of us about when we get to buy your book.


Bethany Wiggins said...

Yay! What an inspirational post.

Kiirsi said...

Congratulations!! Wonderful insight.