Monday, March 24, 2014

What Would You Re-read for the First Time

By Julie Daines

I've been thinking recently about all the books I love. I re-read book a lot. A LOT. And there's something different I get out of each re-read. Some books never get old to me.

But at the same time, there are certain books I wish I could go back in time an re-read for the first time. If that makes sense.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to get sucked in to the world of Harry Potter all over again.

And what I wouldn't give to be able to experience The Road again for the first time.

To discover Jane Austen or Charlotte Brontë for the first time.

If you could go back in time, what books would you want to read again for the first time?


Tabitha Thompson said...

That's too hard! I can think of so many books that NEED to be re-read to truly appreciate how amazing they are (like "Cloud Atlas").

But I'll have to go with "Little Women." To be eight years old and not have any clue what was coming ... it was so tragic and beautiful! Oh how I loved it!

Scott said...

So many. I'd start with Lord of the Rings, Charlotte's Web, The Enormous Egg, Harriet the Spy, Homer Price...

So many books filled me with wonder and thrilled me with surprises that are gone when they are read again.