Friday, January 10, 2014

Utah Writers Group Exchange

To help meet the goal of making 2014 the year of the Utah Writer, we have created a new Facebook group called the Utah Writers Group Exchange. Use this page to advertise an opening in your group, to seek a group, or to ask question or give advice about making your group and the writers in it more successful.

Anybody who has ever been in a good group knows how invaluable the group can be. Whether you meet in person, online, or both, a group can help you step up your game, light a fire under your (chair), and avoid cliches like these in your writing.

I'm fortunate to be in a great group. They inspire me, challenge me, frustrate me (in a good way), and teach me.

There is no better resource for a writer, whether you are starting to learn the craft, experienced, or a top-selling author. I'm hoping this new page will help others find a group that works for them the way mine does for me.

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