Monday, July 15, 2013

An Imagination Running Wild

Ideas for stories come from the craziest places sometimes.... 

I was laying on my bed, reading a book about a guy's conversion from the Mafia to Christianity. All of the sudden, a packet of papers falls out onto my chest-- a ticket to a concert,  a promotional photo, an airplane boarding pass, and a post-it note with my name and phone number on it. 


The information did not belong to me, nor did I recognize the name. But I did quickly figure that my contact information had been written by someone at the library because it included my library card number. 

curiouser & curiouser, thought Alice. 

That made my imagination go crazy! Wouldn't that be a great story? A book about the Mafia or something containing secret documents just for you that lure you into a complex world? 

I remember a book about writing called "Panning for Gold in the Kitchen Sink" about how to find inspiration in the world around you. Sometimes all it takes is a wild imagination to see the possibilities for stories are endless. 

What things are you inspire your imagination? 

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