Saturday, March 9, 2013

Children's Writer Goddess

The level of children’s writer talent in the Utah is notable. Publishers in New York refer to this phenomenon as the Mormon Mafia. One of those responsible for setting the bar high, then pulling writers up to it is Carol Lynch Williams.

Carol is more than just a remarkable writer, though an amazing writer she is. Waiting and Miles from Ordinary: A Novel are her most current books. My favorite, however, is The Chosen One, a look at the world from the eyes of a girl in a polygamous community.

She is more than a teacher. Carol teaches creative writing at BYU. She has nurtured and fostered the creative genius of numerous writers who respect and admire her.

What elevates Carol to goddess stature is the annual gift she gives the children’s writing community. Writing and Illustrating For Young Readers, or WIFYR, is an amazing place to mingle and learn with fellow writers at all levels. Now in its 14th year, Carol consistently pulls in a cast of talented faculty members willing to share their expertise. These published authors conduct morning workshops and speak at afternoon breakout sessions. Carol pulls in agents and editors from the publishing houses seeking to tap into the Mormon Mafia talent base. They respect what Carol does and appreciate the commitment these writers show with their attendance at such an event.

This summer she will bring the magic again. Registration is open now and the conference is set for June 17-21 at the Waterford School in Sandy. (Click here for registration info.)

The SCBWI is presenting an opportunity to meet her. Carol will be speaking at the Provo City Library this coming Friday at 7:00 pm. (Details are here.) In her talk, titled Critique 101, she will discuss how to best critique and be critiqued. You will enlightened and entertained. And you will come to see the brilliance of this amazing woman.

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