Friday, October 26, 2012

The Ancient Halloween Story

I'm barely posting this in time for one of my Friday posts.

Here's a story I wrote in elementary school. Unfortunately, it's not dated. It's on two of those big sheets of writing paper we had back then. 

The Scared Ghost
One Halloween a ghost named Cowardly went out and hid behind a tree. Then all at once a witch appeared. Cowardly was scared. Then a skeleton came. The witch was scared. Then a goblin came. Then the skeleton was scared. Then Cowardly asked, "Are you guys cowards too?" "Yes," they all said at once. The end.

 Happy Halloween to all of my Utah Children's Writers friends!


Kasey @ Mormon Mommy Writers said...

That is an awesome story!! Such great storytelling even at such a young age! A+

Okie said...

That's great. So much fun. :)

I used to love going through my old school papers. Sadly they were (mostly) destroyed when our basement flooded during a bad rainstorm one summer.

Good memories.

Thanks for sharing.