Monday, October 15, 2012

Do you have what it takes to be an author?

I went to Lisa Mangum's presentation at the UVU Book Academy. She talked about FOUR things you need to shine as a newbie author:


Not what you expected, right? I'll expand.

Vision-Publishing is a business. Research your genre and the marketplace. Where do you see your book going and how is it going to get there? Do you have ideas for marketing your book? What is your platform?

Passion- Write every day. It makes you a better writer. Read. It makes you a better writer. Learn to self-edit and make every page better. You are a storyteller. Tell your story.

Flexibility- Publishing is a team effort. Trust your editor. Maintain balance in your life. Can you work creatively and market your book? Are you willing to publish digitally as well as traditionally? Can you live with a title or cover you don't love?

Endurance- Is your writing a hobby or career? Both are good choices. What are your goals? Can you write more than one book a yer? Can you meet your deadlines? Editors LOVE when writers meet their deadlines!

Patience + Persistence=Publication


Julie Daines said...

Interesting thoughts. Lisa Mangum is great. I loved the potato head class!!

Taffy said...

She has really good presentations that are easy to understand and use in writing! And she's just plain cool.

Yamile said...

I love the endurance part. Without it, there wouldn't be books :-)

Christy Monson said...

Endurance strikes a chord with me also. Endurance through the marketing part. I'm baby-stepping along. The writing part I love--it's my passion. It's why I endure the marketing.