Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Simple Test

Erin Shakespear

*I've been looking through my journal that I take with me to conferences for ideas to blog about.

I came across some notes I jotted down when I last heard Candace Fleming teach. She was speaking about picture books and how to make strong characters for them. She talked about a simple test to take for your book.

Like I said, this was for picture books, but it could apply to any story...

A Simple Test

This is a story about who?

Who wants what more than anything else?

But your character can't get it because?

Until what happens?

There you go. Answer those and your story will be brilliant, right? Well, it's definitely worth a shot!

*Sorry for the super short post. I've run away from home to hole up in a hotel and write and also attend Writing for Charity on Saturday. I have a lot to do. I better get back to work!  And, oy! I'm missing my family like crazy. How do people do this? How do they go away often? I think I could drive myself completely insane with mommy guilt...


Julie Daines said...

Erin, there is a time and a season for everything. I know that I could never have been a serious writer when I had small children still at home.

Daisy Carter said...

Don't let the mommy guilt get to you. If you're there, feeling guilty instead of writing, then you went away for nada.

Enjoy the quiet and uninterrupted time. And be ready to play hard when you get home!