Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finding Time to Write

Sorry I'm posting late, I entered a scheduled time for this post to come up but I guess my computer dislikes me...

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a writer. The question is, is writing your career? Your hobby? An aspiration? If it’s one of the latter, this post is for you.

(Well, hopefully; if I do a good job on it.)
If I’ve learned anything about life it’s that you can’t ‘find time’ for anything. In our modern society—at least for most people—time is made, not found. If you see your writing—or anything you value, for that matter--as a hobby, or something you just do at leisure, it is very unlikely you will really get much done. So, what should we see it as?
Personally, I think the only word that fits for me is ‘priority.’ It’s my experience that the most important things in your life can’t really be deleted or pushed to leisure, they need to be prioritized. We all need to decide what is really important to us and how much time out of our life it deserves. When we understand this, we need to break out of routine and act on it!
I’ve talked to many writers about how they find the time to write and have found a multitude of answers, the most popular are; get up an hour earlier, write at the same time every day, and give up something. I find that I too have unconsciously done the last ever since I started writing seriously I have found myself to be much less of a videogamer. However, if you do decide to give up some time from something else make sure it is the right thing. Example: the last few months my writing has been significantly weaker, I realized that this is because ever since Skyrim came out I’ve been giving up not videogame, but reading time. A very bad idea for a writer! It helps to identify what you give up so you don’t have an experience like this :).
Thanks for reading my very short and straightforward post… Does anyone have any thoughts about how they’ve made time for writing?

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