Friday, November 4, 2011

Find Your Inspiration

by Scott Rhoades

What inspires you to write better? I don't necessarily mean come up with a new story idea, although it could mean that. I mean, what gets your creative juices flowing and makes you want to write and improve your craft?

For me, it tends to be things that make me see the world in a different world. A new place (or a familiar place through someone else's eyes), a good poem, an unusual phrase, a new piece of music (or an old one presented in a new way)--all of these things make me want to create. Creation is play, and seeing something in a new or different way makes my mind want to play.

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Julie Daines said...

For me, it's usually one little thing--a flash of concept--that ignites the spark. With just a little fanning, that spark flames into a concept and plot in my head. Where it stays, consuming all my brain power so that I forget to listen when people are talking to me, I can't remember why I walked into a room, and my kids want to know were their mom is--even though I'm standing right in front of them.