Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dream a little Dream

Have you ever written a book based on a dream? Scrambled to record the details of an amazing dream you had as soon as you woke up? If you have, you're not alone.

My first novel (yet unpublished) came out of a dream. First and pretty much only time that's ever happened. But for my first novel, it was a great experience to try to recreate a few single images lingering in my brain into a stand-alone work that invites the reader into the life of the dream.

The most popular "dream turned book" story has to be "Twilight." Stephanie Meyer, love her or hate her, had a dream with one image from her Twilight series. That single moment lead to the multi-billionaire franchise we all know (love or hate) now. You can't search very far-- okay, you can't get a single result, honestly-- without finding "Stephanie Meyer" at the top of the list. She has become the queen of "dream" success stories.

That got me wondering what other books were started in the unconscious minds of authors. Here's a few websites I found to answer just that.




Do you pay attention to your dreams as a source of inspiration? How do you do it? Pen & notebook on the bedside table?


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Scott said...

I tried once, but it didn't work as well as I expected. The basics are still bouncing around in my skull, though, after at least 20 years, and could come back unexpectedly some day.