Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ways to Shift Your Thinking

By a raise of hands, how many of you have made a New Year's Resolution to send out queries this year? Me too!
How many have sent one out? Two? Five? GOOD!
Not me. But I will.
And if you haven't sent out any yet, I know you will next next month.
Did the last sentence move you in the direction of action?
Sometimes we humans need a little push to get out of our daily grind/rut/pit.

1. Rather than seeing your goal as something to be achieved, see the outcome as inevitable. It's going to happen.
It's a small shift in thinking, but feel how it changes your perception.  For example, if you had the goal to get your book published, you would think of everything you had to do to get it in the hands of a publisher.
Now BELIEVE and KNOW that your book will be published, that is will happen, that little shift changes the way you think about book and yourself.

2. Focus your attention on your book getting in the right hands and you've created the power to push you forward to a book deal! This saying is on header of my blog:

          Where attention goes... Energy flows... And results show.

3. Here is a great story to illustrate believing in yourself and your goal. It's a great story from Atlanta radio personality Neal Boortz. Before he was a talk show personality, Neal was a practicing attorney. When he was preparing for the Bar Exam, he had many people, including his mom, telling him not to get his hopes up as most people don’t pass the exam the first time.
But Neal had an “inevitability mentality.” While studying for the exam, he shut off all communication with well-meaning family and friends. On exam day, he wore a three-piece suit to the exam –  as though he were already a practicing attorney. He passed.

Now. Put on your author's three-piece suit, sit in your chair, write that query and send it out!


Yamile said...

I loved this, Taffy. When I was young(er), some people told me, "Don't get your hopes up. Going to BYU from Argentina is practically impossible."
I proved them wrong. I never doubted. Thanks for reminding me that if I want something bad enough, and work toward achieving my goal, I can reach it.

Taffy said...

With your awesome writing skills your books will sell!