Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last Second and LTUE

Hey, I'm horrible at this. I think I've said that before. I don't even know if I did my second round in January. Work and life are just that busy unfortunately.

But, I want to remind everyone to go to www.ltue.org if you haven't yet and check out the awesome writers conference going on this week. I really can't wait. I went to the Friday and Saturday sessions last year and it was awesome. First time I heard Dan Wells speak, who is one of the best speakers ever (of course, I fear him at this point, so I may pass on his lessons on horror writing.) Plus, the dudetastic James Dashner will be the Guest of Honor. (Couldn't find a better adjective.)

So, go to LTUE, it's awesome. Plus, I'll be there. And I'm awesome, right? :-)

Short post, I know. Busy life still. And remember:

Alien abductions are involuntary.

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