Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gifts for Writers

I'm curious. What kinds of writerly things are on your Christmas wish list?

My own list starts with books. Lots of books. Books about writing. Books by favorite authors who inspire me. Books about the English language. But it also includes things like t-shirts, a Shakespeare bust, office supplies including some computer items, and a few items for my Schreibwinkel (writing nook/den/whatever you want to call it).

What about you? Are you wishing for the latest gadgets, like an ebook reader or something portable you can write on? Do you go for the mugs and t-shirts and posters and trinkets aimed at writers? Are you looking to update your word processing software or get some other computerized gizmos to help you create? Or do you like comfortable, old-fashioned writing tools like a nice pen set? Or maybe you consider writing work and like to keep work and holidays separate.

Leave a comment and tell us. Your wishes might give others ideas of stuff to ask for. And maybe Santa's watching our little blog. You never know. Little feller's got spies everywhere.


Julie Daines said...
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Julie Daines said...

My writing needs are as follows: (And only sometimes is this order.)

laptop - and yes, I'm mac all the way.

diet coke

lotion - I can't type when my hands are dry.

skullz pencils

style manuals - I just need the MLA to complete my

composition notebooks - one for each work in progress to keep track of notes, character profiles, research, ideas, and a timeline..and what still needs fixing.


old fashioned index cards

Irish whistle - I play it when I get writer's block.

something to hold my hair up - usually a pencil or an elastic, but I always write with my hair up.

Taffy said...

Books. The latest ones.
Writing conference admissions paid.
Good pens.
I want to try Scrivner. (sp?)
Notebooks. I like to write long hand too.
New music to write to!

Tiffany Dominguez said...

Dear Santa,

Can I pretty please have an agent? Do elves make those?

Desperate writer

Scott said...

I'm with you Tiffany. I'm hoping for the same thing.

Cathy Witbeck said...

Time. Can Santa pull that one. My list of what I want to write, paint, sew, do with my kids is so stinkin' long. How I will ever fit it in, in one life time eludes me. Hey, is there a story in there somehwhere?