Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Oranges by Linda Bethers, Ben Sowards

There are so many great Christmas picture books it's hard to choose just one to read.

Linda Bethers loved the story of the Christmas Oranges. She started reciting it at parties and family gatherings. Word got around of this story and storyteller and Linda became busy during the holidays. Others were called, asking for the written version. Someone even suggested she send it in to Covenant, which she did.
They accepted the story and published it as a booklet. Christmas Oranges sold out its first printing and Covenant scrambled to get a second printing by Christmas.
They printed more the next year and sold out again. It wasn't too long before someone realized this story would sell big every Christmas so why not make it into a picture book?

I love to read this book every Christmas year to my family. It's a great way to help get us into the Christmas spirit of giving and having a grateful heart.



Paul West said...

Last week it was on sale at Seagull for $2.50. The store I went to told me they had ordered 1,000 copies and had about 450 left.

That was a steal! My wife bough3 30 copies to give to her Relief Society Board members.

Taffy said...

That's a great price! And great gift idea.