Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Writers" according to Alcatraz Smedry (aka Brandon Sanderson)

"Writers-- particularly storytellers like myself-- write about people. That is ironic, since we actually know nothing about them.

"Think about it. Why does someone become a writer? Is it because they like people? Of course not. Why else would we seek out a job where we get to spend all day, every day, cooped up in our basement with no company besides paper, a pencil, and our imaginary friends?

"Writers hate people. If you've ever met a writer, you know that they're generally awkward, slovenly individuals who live beneath stairwells, hiss at those who pass, and forget to bathe for weeklong periods. And those are the socially competent ones."

Brandon Sanderson, "Alcatraz versus The Scrivener's Bones" (a fabulous book, BTW).

I thought this was too funny and had to share it with my other "awkward" friends! ;oD


Paul West said...

Too funny! I may be moldy, but I guess I don't fit the so-called mold.

Juliana said...

Oh my goodness! This made me laugh out loud ... LOUDLY! I was just pondering today on why I don't seem to have any good day-to-day friends. I have those friends that I hang out with once a month for Girl's Night Out and I am certainly not an outcast at church or book club, but I do spend the majority of every day holed up alone with my kids! And, to speak honestly, the thing that made me laugh the loudest was that I haven't had a shower today! (I did have a warm soak in the tub, but it was for soothing and not for cleansing...)

Thanks :-)

Kiirsi said...

Hilarious! Looks like I need to read these books. :)

Anji Sandage said...

I really loved this! Hilarious :)