Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Authonomy: Part II

I posted about a month ago on Authonomy, the Harper Collins author networking website. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time on the site and would like to add a few more comments.

One: There is some quality literature on Authonomy. You have to wade through some poor writing, including a lot of rookie mistakes, but some of the stories are fascinating. Like any of us, the authors are just seeking approval and feedback. Some take it seriously, others are just in it for the popularity contest.

Two: You can get some great fans on Authonomy. I’ve had a number of people read my manuscript and post enthusiastic comments. This type of enthusiasm had kept me motivated to continue writing. Some of the users on Authonomy are just readers who enjoy searching the site for fun reads.

Three: If you spend a lot of time reading others’ books on Authonomy, you can rise to the top and get your book reviewed by Harper Collins. By reading others’ books, commenting on them and then inviting them to read yours, you will get noticed. For the past week, I’ve read portions of books and posted comments each day and I’ve risen 1500 in the rankings.

Authonomy has also partnered with Amazon’s CreateSpace to offer authors further networking opportunities, as well as a free printed proof of your first book. Further information here:

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