Thursday, July 30, 2009

My not-so-great work space

Thanks to a kitchen remodel, a crazy summer, and an overall feeling of laziness on my part, I'm not much into writing this summer. So my writing space is a laptop on top of a secretary in the living room (used to be in the kitchen until we ripped out the wall...). I stand and type here. If my birds out, I frequently have one standing on my head. I suppose I could call it my "muse" that lights upon my head-- but that would be a stretch!

(FYI-- I'm pretty protective of my kids so I have covered them up or blurred out their names)

But I have a dream of a multipurpose cupboard & desk combo in my laundry room. It simply requires ripping out the current cabinetry and replacing it with something more functional. That is the project for the end of the summer.... (hopefully).


Scott said...

Do you really write standing up?

Sarah said...

I don't write a lot right now, but when I do write for my blogs and do all my other computer work I stand up.

Hmmmm...maybe that's why I'm not writing so much!? :o)